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We are the world's leading social media solution for working musicians. . ViralMixtapeMarketing has helped thousands of customers around the world like you gain a competitive edge on the competition.

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Mixtape DJs Services For Mixtape Hosting

VMM has been the voice behind the music worlds very top mixtape DJs for years, our custom Mixtape DJ drops have been heard on DJ Ill Will, Trapaholics , The Empire , Evil Emoire and BET ! When purchasing a  mixtape intro from us you’re building your brand in real-time. All of our mixtape drops are completely custom, WE DO NOT OFFER WAKE PREMADE  dj mixtape drops!! We take pride in making sure your mixes stand apart from the competition, by offering our clients the highest quality voice over packages for mixtape hosting.

Aggressive Online Music Promotion Services !

We are a Social Media and music promotion Solution for working musicians and those looking to build social awareness. The music industry is a difficult field to branch into without already being established, that’s why ViralMixtapeMarketing goes that extra mile in building your buzz organically. We offer an impressive array of services to help leverage your digital marketing campaign. In 2013 a mixtape without a buzz is considered ‘Mp3 Junk’ luckily at ViralMixtapeMarketing we turn your sound into ‘Mp3 Gold’.​​We can increase your online presence substantially within days of your purchase, by using the most advance SEO to build your brand through the popular mediums of your choice.​​

Buy Soundcloud Plays From The Best

For example when you buy soundcloud plays from us you’re visibility instantly increases through your follower’s timeline. This process proves to be useful when trying to gain attention new mixes. The typical listener only checks for what’s hot! Thus are the most popular tunes on soundcloud with the most listens, likes, favs and most importantly comments. Allow VMM to push your hot new mixtape or single to the forefront gaining the popularity it deserves.

Buy Twitter Followers To Help Build Your Buzz Today!

Twitter has become one of many critical factors in building social signals in 2013 according to Google. A profile without relevancy (large twitter following) isn’t factored in Google SERPS (SEARCH ENGINE). Popular twitter profiles are considered a source of relevant content. ViralMixTapeMarketing consists of a staff of highly qualified SEO (Search Engine Optimizers), which can take your account from 100 followers to 50,000 when you buy twitter followers from us.


Buy Real Facebook Likes

Buying Facebook Fans gains more fans!!! Let’s face it nobody wants to like anything nobody is virtually unfamiliar with. So having an extra bump in Facebook likes provides social proof to your business or artistry. When you buy Facebook like it shows you’re recognized for talents or service. At VMM we offer a wide range of packages for buying cheap Facebook fans all of our packages are affordable and completed within 48hrs with maximum satisfaction. We also over deliver on all social media enhancement services to our wondering clients across the world.


Music Video Promotion

Does your YouTube Views need a kick from Bruce Lee? We offer a wide array of video promotion services such as increasing YouTube views and video marketing services. YouTube views are a core factor with all artists. We have been providing major record labels with YouTube views for years. The majors understand that breaking a new artist is tough so they hire us to facilitate the process of making the artist go viral. Doesn’t your music video deserve the same treatment as many of today’s major artist? Hire us to promote your YouTube video for 1 week with each package, providing YouTube likes , comments, favs and even subscribers to help increase your video rankings substantially.

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