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DJ Drops ? We are the leader in Professional DJ Drops – Checkout OUR DEMO

So your looking for DJ Drops  That Fit Your Professionalism? You’ve Come To The Place Where Sound Is King! Viralmixtapemarketing Has Well Trained Audio Engineers, Radio Production Professionals And A Pack Of The Most Talented Voice-Over Artist In The World. We Specialize In Sweepers, Liners , Female Dj Drops And Pristine Mixtape Ids. All Of Our Dj Voice Over Services Are Mixed And Mastered In Our Pro Tools 10 Hd Studio. We Stand By Our Product And Aim To Meet All Of Your Expectations When You Choose Our Services. We Do Not Provide Premade Tags, We Strive To Make Sure All Of Our Clients Productions Are Different And Unique Each And Every Time.

—————Our Clients Include——–

Sean Kingston (Concert Show Intro) , Trap-A-Holics Mixtapes , The Empire Mixtapes , Evil Empire , Static Selecta (Shade 45 Radio Show) ,Maybach Music Tag , Dj Ill Will , Radio Shack , Bet (Tv Network), Club Mansion in Miami Florida (Radio Spots),  McDonald’s And Most Importantly You!!!

We Also Create Nightclub Commercials/Other Voice-Over Services By Request.


For A limited time receive one FREE DJ DROP when you purchase two or more voice overs . Your free-drop must be equal or lesser value than purchase. Just provide an additional drop-script during checkout in the order notes section.

This Special offer ends 9/1/2013 

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Why You Need The Best DJ Drops
Whether you are a newbie, or an experienced mixer, you need the best DJ drops. You can make them yourself, but if you are new to mixing you could actually end up detracting from your work rather than boosting it. Marketing yourself really is important, but so is marketing yourself the right way. If you do not yet realize the importance of having a few good drops read on. We will explain why they are so important, and even give you some ideas on proper use. Who are you, and why should people care? The easiest way is to tell them and inspire them. Good drops not only “brand” you, but they leave a lasting impression on the minds of all who hear them. This works both positively and negatively. Do a bad job making one yourself and they won’t forget you, so make sure you get the best in custom made DJ drops. Too many of those who are new to mixing are under the mistaken belief that drops are not necessary. They will often throw together a simple mix, upload it to YouTube and expect their fame to take off. But nothing in life works that easily. Right from the start, you need good drops because you never know who is going to hear your mixes, be that on YouTube or a set at your next gig. You want people to know who you are, and they aren’t going to remember you simply by having heard your mixes. You have to tell them, and this is where a good DJ drop comes in. Good drops are also a great addition to your mixes and can be used in a variety of ways. Imagine you are at a club and playing a set. Once a song is done you have that awkward silence before the next one begins. But if you don’t have a drop to use at that moment then you have just wasted a fantastic opportunity to tell people who you are. DJ drops done right can also be integrated into certain song mixes. For an example of this listen to some of Armin Van Buuren’s or Jochen Miller’s material. They often utilize awesome drops and integrate them into their songs so that it becomes part of it. There is no way that the listener is going to miss who you are in that situation because it will be permanently burned in their brain. You can also utilize custom drops with male or female voices to add extra energy to your mixes. A well-made custom drop can actually become your own customized sound used to rev up the crowd before beginning your set. Once the crowd hears your custom drop they know the party is about to begin! Don’t be satisfied with only one or two different DJ drops; you need to have at least four or five different custom made drops for use. Any experienced DJ will tell you that their success or failure can often depend on the quality of their DJ drops. If you want the best, contact us for more info.

Easy as 123 Script writing free tips.

Who are you?

This typically includes the artist name or any likeness associated with him/her. Try to avoid jamming information, this often leaves your voice over sounding unnatural and rushed. For example DEEJAY VMM aka “The Mix Master General” This allows the musician to brand themselves along with any secondary moniker, also great for custom name tags.

What are you representing?

Often times we encounter the issue of clients not being able to come up with anything else aside from his/her name. Try to consider What you’re representing Are you associated with a Coalition? What does your mix bring to the table differently? Important information to considering when crafting your liners. Example 1: DEEJAY VMM aka “The Mix Master General” representing hush mob (Name of Group ETC) Example 2: DEEJAY  VMM aka “The Mix Master General” bringing the pain to all you wack Djs. This allows the musicians to add character to his/her script.

Where are you representing?

We have found that our customers like to mention their hometown. This often helps simply because it gives the musician leverage and hometown support. Having your neighborhood support your most proud mix is extremely vital for some acts. So mentioning a nickname for your hometown/neighborhood that relates to your core fan base can also help with creating your script. Example 1: DEEJAY VMM aka”The Mix Master General” representing hush mob and Zone4 ß-Neighborhood Example 2: DEEJAY VMM aka “The Mix Master General” says shut up and listen to this Zone4 Exclusive.

You can mix your wording up however you like, this is your vocal sample, and we are simply providing you with the tools to help you get started. Feel free to use our examples however you see fit. When shaping your script you really only need just 1-2 of the Who? What? Where? to create your own script.

Free Script Writing For Package Orders

We also provide script writing for an additional FEE, you can add this service when choosing your voice specifications. But If you are ordering packages $50 or more, script writing is FREE of charge. We take pride in making sure our clients receive the highest level of customer service whenever using our website.

What Is A DJ Drop ? How Can I Use Them Effectively ?


What Are DJ Drops ?

DJ Drops are a critical element of exciting mix-shows  and yet a lot of beginner or novice DEEJAYS are hesitant to make use of them. This is a mistake. DJ voice drops are a necessity for any serious DEEJAY who wants to make a household name for themselves by not only creating memorable shows, but implanting their identity in the mind of the crowd as the person who gave them that excellent spectacle.


Importance of Your Name DJ Name Drops

1) They help to brand you and spread the word – You can be the greatest mixer in the history of spinning, but if no one knows your name, you aren’t going to get name recognition, and you aren’t going to get respect. Moreover, you aren’t going to be able to parlay those into booking more gigs.


Live Mix shows & Performances

2) DJ Drops amp up the power of a set and take the energy sky high – This is where your professional skills come into play. As a seasoned mixer, you will be able to predict the part of a track where the energy of the crowd will start flagging, and you can insert a hot tag there to get the party feeling fired up again.


Importance of Radio Drops & Liners

3) Radio drops are flexible and can be used in almost any track – If spinning was as easy as just queuing up songs in a row, then any amateur who could make an iPod playlist could be a world class mixer. There’s a lot more to it than that. It’s an art form that allows you to get creative, to put your own stamp on the mix. By using sweepers, and jingles, you make your playlist your own.


Completely Custom Work

4) You can use a artist drops to amp up the custom feel of a truly unique track – If you are looking to create a signature mix, one that everyone will associate with your name and your brand, you can use our custom samples to really take the uniqueness of your mix up to professional levels. This is a great use of DJ Drops for promotion and marketing.


5) Dj drops samples provide seamless segues between songs – The main job of a great DEEJAY is to make a three-hour set feel like one long song. You never want there to be one second of dead air, or the crowd will feel tempted to stop dancing. Song switches are the most challenging part of spinning, and vocal samples help you bridge that gap effortlessly.


If you aren’t a great DEEJAY, obviously no amount of vocal samples are going to turn you into one. However, if you have the skills and talent to become world class, sweepers can help take your career to the next level. By using custom dj drops, you will be creating show experiences that no crowd will be able to forget – and by incorporating your name into the drops, they won’t be able to forget you, either!

How To Order (Step By Step)

1. Listen to demo below and choose your voice over talent.

2. At the very top select your Voice StyleSpecial Effects and Drop Length.

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9. Once your order is complete, your will be sent back to your provided E-Mail within 3 to 5 business days (With FREE ProTools HD Mastering).



dj drops



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